Saturday, July 2

I'm Under Construction, yo.

Friends, thanks for checking up on me, but I'm taking a break from the blog right now.

I'm still in the midst of discovering which projects I feel really passionate about, so I will keep you posted!

In the meantime, please follow me on Twitter @_iamtheheiress and I'm Tumbl'n at

Wednesday, June 15

Barbie disco party!

Just a quickie mobile post showing off my lover-ly manicure. Isn't it sweet? Inspired by Emily of I would say hers is more delicate and subtle, but I dig the fact that mine looks like I dipped my wet nails into a confetti pot!

I got my ring at moncadeau's etsy shop. Only $13!

Have a great Wednesday! Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather for me, I am stuck at work all evening!

Monday, June 13


picture by me :)

Today, I'm taking a little joy in these mini cupcakes. C/o a co-worker's early birthday celebration. Aren't they cute? I'm enamored with sprinkles lately.

Speaking of sprinkles, I ADORE the manicure on Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Click on the link to see her recent Sparkled Lilac post, and easy tutorial taht will show you how to acquire a fresh pink manicure garnished with a bit of gold + sparkley sprinkled along the top! I've got a similar Essie color (Touch of Grenadine, weird name for what is clearly a purple-lilac!) that should do very well for a base coat, and my roomate has a MILLION glitter polishes so I'm sure I can pilfer a little silver or gold. I'm excited to try it out and share the results, friends! Soon soon soon!

Until then - have a great week, everyone. Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 12

My goals as a blogger.

This is just a free-write examining some of the reasons I'm beginning to blog.

1. To improve my writing abilities. I enjoy writing a lot, but I'm currently very rusty at it. I'd love to expand my abilities by writing about a range of topics that I find interesting.

2. To meet new people. The entire WORLD is on the internet - I'd love to be lucky enough to make new friends and meet people who inspire me!

3. To expand my worldview and learn new things. This is definitely related to #2, but I certainly have an infinite amount of new things to experience and I want that to start NOW, please!

4. To discover a passion or niche to eventually lead me to something entrepreneurial. I have these nebulous little baby ideas floating around, I'd like to be able to work for myself, but I have no great ideas. I'm hoping that by blogging about the things that I love, I will discover a niche.

Tuesday, May 17

Spring Cleaning & Creating My Dream-Space!

Picture source:

I have become a woman possessed and obsessed with making my bedroom a more livable space. I simply must making it my dream space.. the space where I dream, and also the dreamiest space ever! I personally spend much of my free time in that room - it serves as my sleeping area, office space, dressing room and entertaining area! It's my intention to streamline everything and make the space as functional as possible.

It began as just an urge to rid myself of unused furniture.. but once that task was completed, I could not stand to put the room back together without a complete overhaul. So this is what I'm going to do:

1. Remove most of the furniture and the bedding and move it into the living room - sorry, Mom! I'm taking over the space (we never have guests anyway.).
2. Completely wash, dust, and vaccuum everything that will stay still.
3. Organize all drawers that have been removed from their spaces. Buy spacers/organizers if necessary.
4. Anything that I don't want inside my bedroom must be donated, sold, or thrown away! And I'm going to be ruthless and unsentimental. Who needs the junk? Not me.. I need SPACE TO BREATHE!
5. Acquire some lengths of coaxel (??) cable so that my computer doesn't HAVE to sit on top my DVR - so annoying the way the Ex had it all set up. This is gonna be MY SPACE NOW.

There are still many, many details to be worked out and it's going to be an arduous project, but I'm really excited about it!

Part of it is definitely the feeling that I will be cleaning out the last vestiges of the Ex's existence from my living space, that is an attractive thought. Part of it is that I've convinced myself that if I declutter my space, I will declutter my mind. And part of it is the knowledge that I will be moving far away, soon, and don't want to have a lot of possessions to worry about.

In short, if I can't fit it into my 10x15 or so shoebox room, it's getting the boot. I am saying goodbye to clutter and saying hello to a functional life!

Saturday, May 14

Counting down to freedom.

Divorce can be a terrible thing, so I don't mean to insult anyone who's been stung by it in the past.

For me, it's pretty much the best thing ever - I am completely grateful for it! I personally now advocate a marriage-free life for everyone!*

On October 19, 2011 I will be officially single, and I'm not giving that up easily.

I think I'll plan a celebration!

*Okay, okay, maybe I'm still bitter lol.

Monday, April 4

Tuesday, March 22

Pretty spring flowers!

I have been remiss in posting lately. To my many readers: I apologize and I'm certain you've missed me as I have missed you! *crickets chirping* Okay!

Please see my Flickr for some lovely flowers I captured today!

My goal is to post every day, even if it's just a little something.

Wednesday, March 9

1st day of being 27!

I'm joyful that I had a great birthday celebration this year. I'm grateful that I got to have my day just exactly the way I wanted. Not everything went according to plan, but when I look at it, it was the BEST DAY EVER! Disneyland was so much fun, I had the best companions a girl could ask for, and it wasn't even busy. We had fresh, hot corn dogs for lunch - I don't normally enjoy them, but these were delicious - I wish I'd gotten pictures! I need to post lots of food pictures. After Disney closed, we decided we were hungry, but local diners would not do - we were seeking adventure still! So we dropped off my exhausted sister (thanks for driving, Kate! xo) and headed out to LA to Swingers Diner to meet up with another birthday girl for some dinner and girl talk. For all my talk about being healthy, I just decided to go all out and have a juicy cheeseburger, onion rings, a Newcastle (thanks, Sara!), and topped it off with a red velvet cupcake. STUFFED.

Here are a few random images I captured with the camera phone (Note to self - stop and take a sec to get some great pictures! Or you will kick yourself later!)

The castle is so lovely at night! I can't do it justice. I just wanted to stop and stare.

King Arthur's Carousel - oooh, shiny!

Happy and tired birthday girl!

I am so grateful to be another year older and wiser. I truly believe that each birthday brings me a fresh opportunity to gather my focus and attain some goals! This year, I'm going to bring abundance into my life by improving my health.. I'm going to eat a ton of vegetables and fruit! I'm going to walk every day, even if it's just for 15 minutes. I'd love to invite more opportunities to be physically active in my life - God gave me a wonderful body and I don't use or appreciate it enough.

I'm going to spend more time with the people who make me happy. I have so many good people in my life who keep me afloat when I'm drowning, and I don't take enough time to enjoy them! I'm also planning to utilize my social networking to reach out more often and in more creative ways. I want my friends and family to know that I love them and think about them constantly.

I'm grateful that Wednesdays are my Fridays! I am looking forward to tonight, I look forward to being relaxed and at home, spending time by myself or  with my roomie and her kitties, who are adorable even if they make me sneeze. I'm grateful for fun weekend plans! Thursday morning we're going to Fallbrook for haircuts and to spend time with the roomie's fam(ily), then racing back to Anaheim for a belated birthday dinner with my parents and sisters. I'm grateful for my mother and her cooking skillz.. I love that she always makes exactly what we want, and this year she's making my favorite meal: meatloaf and mashed potatoes, with broccoli bake (a bastadized broccoli-cheese casserole dish, mm-mm-mm). I'm loving that my sisters and their partners will be there to celebrate with me, and that I have fun and amazing roommates to spend time with!

And I'm grateful to be able to be working full-time, and while I'm here I'll share this inspiring decoration my co-supervisor keeps on our desk -- I'm in love with it and I'm going to memorize it for when I'm ready to let someone into my life:

It says:
'How many ways cans I say I love you and still make you smile? I love you
 for your thoughtfulness and tenderness, for always being so good to me,
for your easy attitude, your faithfulness and loyalty, and your commitment to us.
As long as my heart beats, I will love you - my partner,
my funny valentine, the love of my life, and my best friend.
No matter what happens, I'll be just fine as long as you are
my roommate in this place called life.'
Donna Fargo

Isn't that a wonderful affirmation of love? Someday I'll give one to someone that I love very much.

Once final thought: Cucumbers are so delicious on sandwiches! I'm in love!

Wednesday, March 2

Random picture love.

This picture of the Santa Monica Pier is so inspiring! I'm loving the colors and the atmosphere. I want to be there!

(If anyone out there knows how to give proper credit for pictures, and tells me, I will send you my love for at least a day.)

Tuesday, March 1

Check me out!

My own little slice of internet paradise!

I am the heiress : Well, I needed to come up with a blog address super-quick - it's a bastardized line from the Smith's "How Soon Is Now?". Originally, it's 'I am the son, I am the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.' But 'criminally vulgar' was too wordy, and, I think, taken.