Wednesday, June 15

Barbie disco party!

Just a quickie mobile post showing off my lover-ly manicure. Isn't it sweet? Inspired by Emily of I would say hers is more delicate and subtle, but I dig the fact that mine looks like I dipped my wet nails into a confetti pot!

I got my ring at moncadeau's etsy shop. Only $13!

Have a great Wednesday! Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather for me, I am stuck at work all evening!

Monday, June 13


picture by me :)

Today, I'm taking a little joy in these mini cupcakes. C/o a co-worker's early birthday celebration. Aren't they cute? I'm enamored with sprinkles lately.

Speaking of sprinkles, I ADORE the manicure on Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. Click on the link to see her recent Sparkled Lilac post, and easy tutorial taht will show you how to acquire a fresh pink manicure garnished with a bit of gold + sparkley sprinkled along the top! I've got a similar Essie color (Touch of Grenadine, weird name for what is clearly a purple-lilac!) that should do very well for a base coat, and my roomate has a MILLION glitter polishes so I'm sure I can pilfer a little silver or gold. I'm excited to try it out and share the results, friends! Soon soon soon!

Until then - have a great week, everyone. Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 12

My goals as a blogger.

This is just a free-write examining some of the reasons I'm beginning to blog.

1. To improve my writing abilities. I enjoy writing a lot, but I'm currently very rusty at it. I'd love to expand my abilities by writing about a range of topics that I find interesting.

2. To meet new people. The entire WORLD is on the internet - I'd love to be lucky enough to make new friends and meet people who inspire me!

3. To expand my worldview and learn new things. This is definitely related to #2, but I certainly have an infinite amount of new things to experience and I want that to start NOW, please!

4. To discover a passion or niche to eventually lead me to something entrepreneurial. I have these nebulous little baby ideas floating around, I'd like to be able to work for myself, but I have no great ideas. I'm hoping that by blogging about the things that I love, I will discover a niche.