Sunday, June 12

My goals as a blogger.

This is just a free-write examining some of the reasons I'm beginning to blog.

1. To improve my writing abilities. I enjoy writing a lot, but I'm currently very rusty at it. I'd love to expand my abilities by writing about a range of topics that I find interesting.

2. To meet new people. The entire WORLD is on the internet - I'd love to be lucky enough to make new friends and meet people who inspire me!

3. To expand my worldview and learn new things. This is definitely related to #2, but I certainly have an infinite amount of new things to experience and I want that to start NOW, please!

4. To discover a passion or niche to eventually lead me to something entrepreneurial. I have these nebulous little baby ideas floating around, I'd like to be able to work for myself, but I have no great ideas. I'm hoping that by blogging about the things that I love, I will discover a niche.

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